Formal: Lucy

The stunning Lucy celebrated her graduation from St. Margaret Mary’s College on the 17th November.  I hope all of you had an amazing night celebrating the end of 12 long years of schooling, and I’m sure you’ll take on world with force next year.

Such a beautiful corsage.

Isn’t she just gorgeous?  And the dress is pretty stunning as well.

Formal: Chloe

The lovely Chloe celebrated her graduation from St Anthony’s College with her family.  Congratulations Chloe, and I hope your future is as wonderful as you are!


When you’ve got a limo, it’s got to make an appearance in the photos!

Doesn’t she have the most gorgeous smile?

Such an amazing hairstyle deserves a shot of its own.

Wedding: Alicia + Michael

The wonderful Alicia and Michael did their wedding a little differently than the usual couple.  They were married in a very intimate ceremony on Friday, and then got all dressed up again on Saturday, along with the full bridal party and families for us to take some keepsake photos of their wedding.  It made for a wonderfully relaxed afternoon, with no pressure of the ceremony itself, and everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves all day and having plenty of fun!  Which meant that along with the more serious photos of Alicia and Michael, there were plenty of “behind-the-scenes” style fun photos as well.  Alicia and Michael, you are a wonderful couple who obviously adore each other, and I wish you both the very best for this next chapter of your lives!

The beautiful bride Alicia…

…And her gorgeous bridesmaids.

The very dapper Michael…

…And his wonderful groomsmen, who definitely made for plenty of laughs over the afternoon!

I just love the genuine smiles, because you can tell how sincerely happy they both are to be here together!

These super reflective sunnies gave a different bridesmaid’s perspective!

Taking a moment to enjoy the sunset together.

Wedding: Angela + Andrew

The lovely Angela and Andrew celebrated the start of their marriage with a destination wedding at the stunning Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast.  Despite the day before the wedding being cold, rainy, and overall pretty miserable, the day of the wedding itself dawned with clear skies and perfect tropical temperatures! I wish Angela and Andrew a lifetime of happiness together.

A cheerful bridal party always makes the day more fun!

Special moments with family are one of the key parts of the wedding preparation.

Angela and Andrew wrote each other personalised letters to read before the wedding.

A secluded spot on an otherwise busy beach to just enjoy their first few moments as husband and wife.

Dramatic rocks, waves, and a clear sky?  Check, check, check!


Anniversary: Ryan + Katie

In one of the sweetest gestures I’ve seen in a while,the lovely Ryan contacted me a few days in advance, looking to organise a surprise photo shoot as a gift for his girlfriend of two years, to celebrate their anniversary.  It was so beautiful to capture the two of them together, and you can see how much they both adore each other.  I hope these photos are just the start of a long and happy relationship for Ryan and Katie!

Just the way that they look at each other….

Anniversary: Tony + Rebecca (5 years)

Another year gone by, another Disney-themed picnic in the park as Tony and Rebecca celebrate their wedding anniversary.  This year, the theme was Mary Poppins, and the celebration was for five years of marriage.  Their little boy has grown up a whole lot since last year and looks incredibly adorable in a penguin onesie.  Read below for more lace, stripes, penguins and chalk drawings as we wish these two another happy wedding anniversary!

Definitely the cutest penguin in the park!

“Flying a kite” on five years.

“Do you have to?”

Such a lovely candid

… of a cute couple!

A little family, swinging through the park.

Yes, that is chalk.

Chalk drawing in the park, just like in the movie!

Wedding: Catherine + Douglas

After a long journey together, the wonderful Catherine and Douglas formalised their commitment to each other in a gorgeous wedding ceremony at Queen’s Gardens.  Not only did they both look amazing, but you could see the happiness lighting up their faces all day, and you can feel their love through every photo. I know that they will be completely happy together, and I can’t wait to see where life takes them next.  Congratulations Cat and Doug, I wish you all the best for your long and happy marriage!

The colours in this bouquet were just so beautiful to photograph!

Catherine’s little gift bags for her bridesmaids.  Inside were the earrings and necklaces they wore on the day.

A final goodbye from Nova on the way out.

That look of complete contentment as Doug sees his beautiful bride for the first time.

This pink carpet of fallen flowers is like a wedding fairyland!

These two just give each other the cutest looks, and you can see how much they adore each other!

I always love a couple who is up for a bit of rock climbing, because we can get shots like this!

The masters of the dramatic kiss!

A little bit of behind-the-scenes fun as the girls practice their bouquet tossing skills!

…And the boys show us why groomsmen’s bouquets probably aren’t the best idea.

There’s nothing quite like watching the sun slowly set as you walk into your wedding reception, ready to enjoy the night.

And to finish, here is the video slideshow I made for them, featuring more photos that aren’t shown above!

Anniversary: Jack + Naomi (6 Years)

As many of you would know, Jack and I started a tradition back on our first wedding anniversary to do a photo shoot together each year, on the day of our anniversary. The idea is that one day we will have an amazing album of photos to look back on and see how we changed each year.  This year, we celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary (and 10th anniversary together) in Brisbane, as we were down for my Brother-in-law’s wedding the day before.

After a family post-wedding brunch at Kangaroo Point, we took a few photos together above the cliffs before heading up to Maleny/Montville, where we were staying for a few days.


This tree had an amazing view over the Glasshouse Mountains, and seemed like a perfect spot for a few snaps!

My beautiful gerberas – 6 flowers for 6 years.

The sunset over this paddock was so gorgeous, we couldn’t help but stop.  I think the horse wanted our teapot though…

And as always, we ended the day with a lovely cup of tea from our own teapot.

Wedding: Kitty + Preston

I was honoured to be asked to take photos for the wedding of my brother-in-law and his lovely new wife. The wedding was a full-day event with two separate portrait shoots, broken by the reception in the middle! Congratulations Preston and Kitty, I hope you both had a wonderful day, and thank you for inviting me to be a part of it.

Preston’s Dad helps insert the family cuff links.

Look at the colour of that suit!  But Preston totally rocks it.

The lovely bride and groom before the wedding.

I adore watching the groom’s face as he sees his bride for the first time.

How sweet is this moment right after the first kiss?


Kitty was such a beautiful bride, and such a natural in front of the camera!

The lovely newlyweds.

We found this statue in the foyer whilst waiting for Preston and Kitty to change into their reception outfits.  It was such a perfect spot to rest the bouquet!

Preston and Kitty standing where they first laid eyes on each other.

Such a lovely venue for a wedding reception.  And how wonderful are their reception outfits?

The shoe game.  If you haven’t heard of it, look it up!

The groom figurine *may* have melted a little, hence the height difference!

How are they this adorable?  Seriously!

Preston piggy-backed his new wife between the photo spots so her feet didn’t get sore.

Enjoying a moment as the sun sets for the first time with them as husband and wife.


All-in-all, a beautiful couple celebrating a beautiful day. I sincerely wish you both every happiness.


To see more photos, check out the wedding slideshow I made below!

Family Portraits by the Marina

This lovely family reached out to me to get some family portraits taken while they were all back together for a few days.  We had originally wanted to utilise the Townsville Marina for the portraits, but unfortunately the reflective lighting on the day wasn’t being as cooperative as we had hoped, so we ended up using the beautiful adjacent ANZAC Park instead.