Anniversary: Jack + Naomi (5 Years)

I was lucky enough to spend my five-year wedding anniversary with my amazing husband, exploring the beautiful New Zealand.  And continuing our annual tradition, I made sure to capture plenty of photos of us together along the way.  And since we were travelling from Lake Tekapo back to Queenstown, there were plenty of opportunities for some amazing photos!


The morning started with a very frosty sunrise over Lake Tekapo.  It was about -4°C here, and I was wearing a sleeveless dress.  We got a few cheers from the onlookers when they saw our outfits, but the shots we got all day were definitely worth it!


Unfortunately our favourite teapot couldn’t make an appearance this year because there was no way to travel with it.  But our trusty everyday teapot came along for the ride (and got used constantly), and here we are having a cup of tea, watching the last of the sunrise and checking out the view from our lovely (warm) room.



This landscape was just on the side of the road!  The frost was everywhere and was just so different to anything we’re used to at home, we had to pull over and get a few shots.  It was an equally chilly -3°C here (and yes, I was freezing!)




The lovely Arrowtown, and the river where one of the scenes from The Lord of the Rings was shot.


Five years!  And of course, notice the 5 gerberas that Jack ordered especially for me.


At this point we realised we didn’t have any individual shots of each other, so we spent a bit of time walking around Arrowtown and snapping a few portraits of each other.





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